At Roser Group we go beyond the meat industry.
Discover all our industries of specialization.

At Roser Group we go
beyond the meat industry.
Discover all our industries of specialization.


The meat industry, made up of slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and processed products, must face the demands and new habits of consumers who are committed to quality and the recycling of resources.

For this reason, we invest a large part of our resources in improving and modernizing our machines to overcome the challenges that turn up, taking into consideration the requirements of the industry and the consumer, and thus offer top quality equipment.

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Food Industry | Roser Food Equipment


Some of the products we cover in the food industry are the production of biscuits, ice cream and flour, among others, with complete equipment and facilities.

Food safety and quality are challenges present in the food industry, where a whole series of regulations play an essential role in the way food is produced.

With this premise, we intend that being your trusted partner means guaranteeing all the requirements in matters of hygiene and safety.


Another of the markets in which we contribute our quality and high demands is the fruit and vegetable industry. We provide equipment and facilities to facilitate the maintenance processes for the operators, and in turn, guarantee the hygiene of the final product and maintain its properties.

The materials we use are of maximum durability, thus complying with current regulations on food safety and hygiene.

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Social and Health Industry ans communities | Roser Food Equipment


We also operate in the social and community industry, providing hygiene stations designed to ensure all sanitization and disinfection needs in risk areas.

Our demanding quality control system allows us to monitor the management of the product in order to guarantee the quality of the service.