PTF Super Plus: high-productivity sausage peeling

One of the most frequent challenges for companies involved in food production, in this context sausage peeling, is to improve profitability in a large part of their processes. In order to increase productivity, it becomes one of the main objectives where companies focus their efforts.

In the sausage peeling process, there are multiple factors that determine the outcome of the production output. One example of this is directly related to the correct use of raw material. This avoids wastage or the use of outdated machinery with convoluted settings that hinder the workflow.

How to improve productivity in sausage peeling?

In industry, it would be logical to focus on minimizing production costs in order to increase profit. However, investing in the modernisation of processes in sausage peeling can become the point of differentiation to accelerate production development.

The use of machines capable of supporting large production quantities without losing the quality of the final product is linked to process automation.

Automation is the great ally to increase productivity in the development of cellulose casing extraction. This is especially true for streamlining processes when working with different types and sizes of food products. It is not only beneficial in terms of quantities produced, but also allows operators to have better quality control of the final result..

Below, we take a closer look at some of the benefits of process automation:

Reduced cycle times. By increasing the number of cycles per day, production capacity is increased in less time

Increased performance. Operators can focus their efforts on other actions and on checking production rather than on the actual peeling of the feed. In this way, it is more viable to maintain the high peeler speeds for a longer period of time.

PTF Super Plus peeler, a complete solution for high productivity

Considering the needs of the industry to increase mass productivity, the Roser Group team developed aready-to-use sausage peeler that eliminates intermediate processes that hinder peeling efficiency, such as manual collection of casing waste.

The advanced technology ofPTF Super Plus peeler provides an efficient solution to sausage peeling, supporting a high capacity of 2.800 kg/h at speeds of up to 300 m/min. In addition, thanks to the peeler’s built-in hopper, the excess casing is automatically and hygienically collected without interrupting the peeling process.

Its design allows the entire sausage peeling process to be carried out on a single machine, centralizing the processes and optimizing production times.
As an added value, the peeler manages to reduce energy consumption compared to other machines on the market. A good example of this is the considerable reduction of steam emitted by the PTF Super Plus while maintaining peeling quality and the incorporation of the ECO mode, which automatically deactivates the machine when the sensor detects no activity.

For these reasons, achieving production targets with the desired results is possible with the PTF Super Plus sausage peeler to efficiently increase the profitability of the process.