PTF Super Plus: efficient maintenance

At Roser Group we ensure that all our equipment meets the needs of our customers and, at the same time, complies with the established safety requirements. That is why, in addition to complying with the highest industry standards, we are also concerned with efficient maintenance. As experts in industrial food hygiene, we take care of customer requirements as well as equipment maintenance and safety.

The PTF Super Plus meets all of the above points. This peeler provides optimal peeling of sausages with cellulose casing, without leaving any marks on the sausages and with the possibility of peeling different sausage sizes.

Simple and effective cleaning

The PTF Super Plus stands out for its simplicity and efficient maintenance. The materials used in its construction are of high quality and its 100% hygienic design makes it easy to clean.

The cleaning of the equipment consists of two blocks: upper and lower. In the first one, it is enough to lift the upper cover to be able to clean everything very easily. This lid has a sensor that stops the sausage peeling process when the upper lid is lifted. However, it is important not to tamper with the inside of the PTF Super Plus while it is active.

Materials with a totally hygienic design for easy removal and cleaning. There is also the possibility of unscrewing the parts to make hygiene totally effective.

On the other hand, in the lower block, simply it will be opened the compartment where the cellulose casing is stored for periodic cleaning. It is a hygienic and large container for easy cleaning and removal of the casing.

A high level of maintenance

The different mechanisms that make up this equipment guarantee compliance with strict cleaning and safety protocols. At Roser Group, it is not enough for us to produce solutions that only fulfill their function, but they must do so efficiently and hygienically.

That is why we make sure that the maintenance of the PTF Super Plus lives up to its efficiency in sausage peeling.