Wall-mounted wastebasket or to adapt to washbasin


Cod. 21315

Stainless steel wastepaper basket for wall mounting or for fitting to a washbasin Made entirely of stainless steel, the wastepaper basket can be used as a complement to the following washbasin models:
  • Code RK00000071: for wall-mounted.
  • Code RK00000078: for washbasins code RK00000317 and RK00000335.
  • Code RK00000003: for washbasins code RA00000304 and RK00000025.
  • Code RK00000056: for washbasin codes RA00000326 and RA00000219.
  • Code RK00000055: for washbasin codes RA00000823, RA00000818 and RA00000813.

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