Tunnel for continuous washing and disinfecting of knife-holders

RA00000086 / RA00000047

Cod. 21736 / 21737

Easily removes any type of dirt from the utensils used in the food industry, especially in the meat industry, with the Tunnel for continuous washing and disinfecting knife-holders. Washing and disinfecting capacity between 15 and 30 knife-holders/minute, depending on the size of the knife-holder This equipment is suitable for the food or meat industry requiring the sanitisation of knife-holders in medium and large production volumes. All Roser Group washing tunnels are designed in a compact and functional way, allowing access to all parts of the machinery for cleaning and maintenance tasks.

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  • Manufactured with AISI 304 stainless steel materials and for some friction elements, plastic materials of high chemical and mechanical resistance are used.
  • Process stages: washing, rinsing, sterilising.
  • Production: from 15 to 30 knife holders/minute.
  • Hygienic tunnel body
  • 200 litre capacity water tank with level control.
  • Operating mode: manual or automatic.
  • Water filtration system: double flat filter and safety filter.
  • Water heating: By means of direct steam Code RA00000086 or electric heating elements. Code RA00000047
  • Knife holder transport system: stainless steel chain with pushers.
  • Washing with pressurised water in a closed circuit. Soapy water is applied by means of a spray shower in all the corners of the elements to remove the bulk of the dirt.
  • Rinsing with mains water, either lost or accumulated in the wash tank. Ensure that the water touching every corner of the element is fresh, i.e. mains water.
  • All mechanical elements are easily accessible for easy maintenance and removal.
  • Roser recommends following the instructions of the usual chemical supplier in order to achieve the best possible performance of the machine without affecting the materials.
  • Flow rate from 500 to 1200 l/min.
  • Removable cover for maintenance.
  • Total power: Steam 4.25 KW, electric heating elements 16.25 KW.
  • Pump for dosing detergent and disinfectant, optional.

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