Stainless steel locker cupboard with 5 modules and 5 doors


Cod. 3923

Stainless steel locker cupboard with 5 doors and 5 modules suitable for the food industry. Allows operators to keep their personal belongings completely separate from their work belongings. Optimise the available space with the locker cabinet for the food industry developed by Roser Group, experts in offering the most suitable solutions for industrial hygiene.


This locker cabinet is made of satin-finished sheet metal and has a sloping roof to prevent dust accumulation, avoid placing objects on top and facilitate cleaning. Each door includes a holder for an ID card.

changing room equipment stainless changing room equipment roser inox locker


  • Locker cabinet made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Smooth doors.
  • Finish: satin sheet metal.
  • Modules of 5 with 5 doors.
  • Full door and intermediate partition in satin-finish sheet metal.
  • Each door contains a lock and key for its use.
  • ID card holder on the door.
  • Sloping roof to prevent dust accumulation.

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