Sole-washer walk-through hygiene system


Cod. 11741

To guarantee good hygiene and safety practices in the food or meat industry, it is essential to ensure the correct disinfection of personnel footwear before entering the factory or a risk area. For this purpose, Roser has developed the automatic sole-washer walk-through hygiene system.


The continuous automatic sole washer facilitates the washing and disinfection of shoe soles by rotating the brushes with water supply and detergent dosing. The equipment is activated by IP69K photocells when approaching the equipment. This footbath is designed according to the strictest safety and hygiene standards. It is robust, resistant and of reduced dimensions, easy to locate in any area of the Food Industry.

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Paso sanitario modular
Paso sanitario modular 11741 - Roser Group


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Actuated by IP69K photocells.
  • Soles washing by automatic rotation of the brushes with water supply and detergent dosage. End of process by timer. Operation of the equipment in both directions.
  • It has a solenoid valve to control the water supply and proportional mixer of water and detergent, water pressure according to mains (detergent tank not included).
  • Stainless steel FOOD DEFENSE protection for the 10L. disinfectant/soap canister in the sole washer (detergent tank not included).
  • Modular brushes easily accessible and removable for cleaning and maintenance operations.
  • Independent drive for each brush shaft.
  • Available with brush length S 800, M 1.200 and L 1.600 mm.
  • Power supply: 400V – 3Ph – 50Hz.

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