Knife holder with side protection for 2 knives and 1 sharpener


Cod. 25539

The knife holder with side protection is designed for safe transport and storage of knives during and/or after the working day. The Roser Group knife holder stands out for having complete side protection in order to guarantee greater safety to protect food industry workers from possible cuts. Facilitates the introduction of the working tools inside the knife holder in the washing and disinfection equipment such as the knife washing-sterilizing machine Code. RA00001748, or the continuous tunnel Code RA00000086 / RA00000047.

systems for knife disinfection stainless knife-holder roser inox systems for knife disinfection


  • Knife-holder with side protection made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Capacity: 2 knives, 1 sharpener (not included).
  • Knife distribution on the plate and maximum standard sizes (ask for other possibilities).
  • Ask about the possibility of being marked with an identification number.


Optional accessories (not included). Knife-holder support to attach to tables or other work furniture: With screws (code 7592) or with flange (code 7593).

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