Frozen block breaker CATO – CBC HP

Cod. MA00000063

Frozen block breaker CATO CBC HP for breaking frozen food blocks through the rotational action of a roller equipped with 4 blades. It produces irregularly shaped pieces of product ranging from 5 to 10 mm in thickness, depending on the type and temperature of the meat.


The frozen block breaker is designed to break down any type of product, such as meat, vegetables, etc., and can handle temperatures down to -20º C. Thanks to the small sizes of the portions obtained, it greatly facilitates subsequent work with cutter or grinder machines.

stainless inox cato rompedora de bloques stainless


  • Frozen block breaker entirely constructed of AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Production: up to 4.000 kg/h.
  • Operating temperature down to -20º C.
  • Rotational cutting system.
  • Tripple chain traction.
  • Product unloaded directly onto a standard 200-litre trolley.
  • Pneumatically operated lifting tray for loading frozen blocks.
  • Tilting door at the discharge outlet for controlled product release.
  • Foldable inlet for easy cleaning.
  • Machines designed and manufactured in accordance with CE hygiene and safety standards.


  • Automatic block loading via pneumatic loader.
  • Continuous loading via conveyor (not included).

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