Footwear disinfection and draining


Cod. 12064

It disinfects by immersion the soles of personnel’s footwear before entering the factory and avoids the risk of cross contamination between production rooms, especially in the food and meat industry. The aisle footwear disinfection basin is an ideal option for the correct disinfection of footwear, since it has a disinfection area with a disinfectant liquid filling, followed by an area for draining the footwear.

washbasin stainless Washbasin hygiene control roser inox clean plus footwear disinfection


  • Construction in Stainless Steel AISI 304
  • Draining and disinfection basin with safety handrails.
  • Platform with double basin, one for disinfection and the next one for draining.
  • Manual filling of the disinfection basin.
  • Both basins have built-in drainage.

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