Equipment for continuous washing of lower boots and soles


Cod. 12988

Equipment for continuous washing of low boots and soles, ideal for the correct disinfection of personnel’s footwear before entering the factory or in risk areas. The washing of boots and soles is carried out by means of automatic activation of the rotating brushes by means of a photoelectric cell. It has a venturi type detergent dispenser (tank not included) and works in both directions.


It avoids waiting times of the personnel and guarantees the hygiene of the personnel in the food industry.

stainless stainless shoewasher roser inox washingboots


  • Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Washing of low boots and soles by automatic rotation of the brushes with fluid supply.
  • All models available with 3 long brushes, S 800/ M 1200/ L 1600mm.

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