Drainage channel. Width: 300 mm.


Cod. 4358

300 mm wide drainage channel to ensure the correct hygiene and water evacuation in the food industry. Roser stainless steel drainage channels have a slope of approximately 1% towards the drain. Each section has a stainless steel fixing flange and the drain has a gutter support.

stainless roser inox drainage systems stainless


  • AISI 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Drainage channel. Width: 300 mm.
  • Maximum available length of the channel on each side of the drain 6.000mm.
  • Attaches to drain 300×300 x 250mm. Bottom or side outlet.
  • The channels are supplied by the metre and in two sections or a single section according to the customer’s application. To complete the drainage system, it is necessary to additionally purchase: The siphonic drain with waste basket and the gratings or grating to cover the channel and the drain.

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