How to improve the efficiency of sausage peeling?

Improving efficiency in sausage peeling has become the main goal of meat companies involved in food processing.

It is a production that requires high productivity to achieve incredible results in a short time. Without losing, at the same time, the hygiene and safety required in compliance with food sector certifications.

High productivity in the whole process with the best technology

What is the main aspect to take into account to increase productivity? Ensuring that the right technology is used according to production demand. High quality machinery and precision design lead to an efficient result throughout the entire production process, from the moment the operator introduces the food product into the peeler until it is cleaned for the next use.

As an innovator in the industry, Roser Group presents two industrial solutions that excel in design and high efficiency; the PTF Compact Sausage Peeler and the PTF Super Plus Sausage Peeler. The first one has a versatile format with wheels and is easy to move. While the second one, is the product with the most features. The sausage peeling system is a CATO brand and provides optimal peeling of cellulose intestines sausages without leaving any marks on the sausages.

Improving efficiency in sausage peeling has become the main objective of meat companies.

Improving energy efficiency in sausage peeling

Get behind the protection of natural resources and efficient consumption. Improving efficiency in production is synonymous with sustainability and cost reduction.

To promote energy savings, it is essential to have an automatic switch-off system for the peeler. This is a very useful addition to switch off the peeler when it is not peeling sausages in order to improve performance. If there is no product, the automatic steam shut-off system is applied. In this way you will also extend the life of the sausage peeler.

Gather actions in one peeler

Thanks to Roser Group’s innovative system and technology, the high-capacity peeler (2,800 kg/h) can handle a wide variety of sausage diameters in one machine and adjust different customisable actions. This includes everything from a blade adjustment system that allows manipulation of the carriage without losing the settings, to speed control of the peeling speed.

In the food processing industry, grouping actions together allows operators to focus their attention, making their work more organized and therefore improving production efficiency.

Hygienic and easy to clean overall design

One of the most important practices during sausage peeling and another recommendation to improve efficiency is hygiene and safety. Roser Group’sPTF Super Plus model has a hygienic and large container for easy cleaning and daily intestine removal.

With a functional design, the intestines remains are conveyed through the vacuum circuit to the collection area, facilitating this task for the operators and distributing the production to facilitate the phases of the route.

Roser Group’s team of professionals works to create the best product, unique and with quality materials. Our sausage peelers are an excellent solution for the food industry, safe, reliable, easy to maintain, ergonomically designed to provide easy handling and undoubtedly high productivity and efficiency.