Experts in industrial food hygiene

Both industrial food hygiene and safety are two critical points on which the food sector is based. Increasing legislative requirements and improvements in all processes of the food chain require the application of strict and professional protocols.

From the beginning of Roser Group until today, the company has grown to become an expert in industrial food hygiene. A benchmark in the design and manufacture of machinery, equipment and installations for the food industry, especially the meat industry. Roser Group has been applying the highest standards of excellence in the industry for more than 60 years.

Innovation is our DNA

As a pioneering company in the sector, Roser Group has been able to identify the needs of the industry in order to implement improvements. Both in production processes and in preventive aspects and quality standards, adapting its technologies to the needs of each moment. Currently, Roser Group is the only Spanish industrial group that offers global solutions for the meat and food sector.

With its innovative essence, in the mid 80s of the last century, the company began a process of international expansion. This led to the creation, in 1992, of a commercial subsidiary in Mexico, which was the first of several foreign headquarters of the Group.

Since then, growth was progressive and constant, until it had a presence on all five continents. Whether through subsidiaries or collaborating companies, 2008 marked a milestone for Roser Group. It opened a modern factory in Mexico from which it supplies equipment for the local and Central American market as well as for the United States. All this, increasing the highest levels of quality, commitment and service. The best proof of the success achieved during all these years is that, nowadays, Roser Group carries out its commercial activity with an export quota of more than 70% and operates all over the world.

A good example of the importance given to industrial food hygiene is the innovative part of the company. The Hygiene Control System (HCS) technology is the first comprehensive in-line control system for hygiene equipment that provides the most advanced safety solutions in the industry.

Quality and durability

As a partner for food safety in the industrial sector, Roser Group’s technology and machinery stand out for the quality of their materials and extreme durability. Its diverse catalog of solutions for the industry includes from sterilizing cabinets for knives and hand washers to creating washing systems or sanitary customs. Roser Group provides solutions based not only on the quality of its products, but also on ergonomic design for ease of use by operators, adaptability to the production line or ease of maintenance.

Tailor-made projects with great professionalism

Experts in industrial food hygiene

In an industrial plant where strict hygienic controls are necessary, one must adapt to the particularities of each production area. Throughout its history, Roser Group has been developing solutions for every need, having a wide range of products at its disposal. Its specialization is focused on systems that cover from the hygiene of operators and utensils, to all the particular processes related to product logistics or handling and machinery for the production of meat products.

The best team for you

The more than 60 years of experience, constant innovation and growth of Roser Group are based on a team made up of the best professionals. From the engineering and production departments to the sales, management and human resources teams, the expert group of professionals that make up the Roser Group staff work to develop unique solutions that are always designed to exceed the highest expectations of its customers.