Manufacturers of Industrial Hygiene equipment for the Food Industry

In Roser Food Equipment we are experts in manufacturing and supplying state-of-the-art equipment for industrial use. We have the best hygienic solutions for the food industry.

As manufacturers, we offer independent industrial hygiene equipment, as well as an unparalleled range of installation equipment and start-up projects tailored to each customer’s needs. Ensure successful hygiene and process control within the different stages of food production.

Development of equipment and installations for INDUSTRIAL Handling

In the food industry, efficiency and safety in product handling play a key role.

In response to the demands of a highly regulated and constantly evolving environment, our line of Handling equipment for the food industry ensures efficiency, safety, product integrity, hygiene and regulatory compliance.

From buggy lifts and dumpers to conveyor belts, we offer tailor-made solutions and installations to automate and optimize production and distribution processes.



Learn about the most outstanding equipment for industrial hygiene, hand, footwear and crate disinfection and,
the most cost-effective options for industrial handling.

Global solutions
for different sectors and industries

In Roser Food Equipment we offer global solutions for different sectors and industries, through five differentiated product lines: Hygiene technologiesHandlingFood preparation linesCutting and deboning lines and Non-industrial hygiene.

We make a difference in the meat sector, as well as in other agri-food sectors, such as cookies, chocolates, ice cream or flours, among others.

In addition, as manufacturers of industrial hygiene equipment, we also operate in the fruit and vegetable sector, offering solutions to facilitate handling processes for operators, and in the health and social care sector, providing hygiene stations to guarantee disinfection needs in risk areas.

60 years of experience

Roser Group has been in the machinery manufacturing business for more than 60 years.

Technical Support

We have our own complete service for the technical assistance of our customers.

Robust machinery

We design robust and reliable machines that can last more than 40 years.

European Manufacturing

Manufacture of equipment, machines and installations with European quality.

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Engineering specialized in food hygiene and safety

Ensuring food safety from a sanitary point of view, as well as quality, are the two main objectives of engineering specialized in food hygiene and safety.

Benefits of handling automation in the food industry

Good practices in manual food handling, also known as manual handling in the food industry, help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and prevent the spread of pathogens that may come into contact with products.

Why go for access control systems in the food industry?

The corresponding legislative requirements and the firm commitment on the part of the companies to offer the best possible guarantees have been decisive for the development of major technical advances in the industry. In spite of this, the devices increase their functions and improve in efficiency year by year.


Roser Group’s range of hygiene equipment is HACCP International certified, safe for use in the food industry.


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